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Praying for the Ukraine Crisis

As I watch and listen to the sights and sounds of war in Ukraine, I am reminded of the safety of our daily lives that is so easily to be assumed in a casual manner. But imagine, awaking in the morning to the sight of bombs dropping and the sounds of gun fire in the streets. The fear, the doubts, the sense of lost, that would be our first reaction, will it overtake us? As I see and hear the respond of the Christian church in Ukraine, I am humbled to see, not a response of ongoing fear, but a fear that is tempered by faith.

Let us all join in the prayer to our great God for peace. Let us all join in a cry to God for the safety of all. Let us all join in a prayer for applicable wisdom for all leaders. Let us all join in affirmation that God will receive His glory in all these moments.

If you would like to financially support the relief efforts for the Ukrainian people, I would suggest your giving be tied the ongoing efforts of the International Mission Board’s, Send Relief. In giving through Send Relief you will know that your financial gift will go directly to resources to meet the needs of the Ukrainian people.

Let Us Prayer! Pastor Jim



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