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Membership Matters

What does it mean to become a member of Crane First Family?

When it comes to gathering for worship, everyone is welcome to join us to experience believers enjoying our God. But membership is different from attending. Membership is a matter of identification and accepting responsibility.

On this page you will find out what it means to be a member of the Crane First Family.

The Main Thing

First, we are a group of believers that have been obedient to the command of the Bible to be baptized. This means that we want to hear from you about how you became a follower of Jesus. We also want to hear about when you were baptized as an act of obedience to your new relationship with Jesus as Lord of your life.

There are three basic ways to become a member of Crane First.

  1. By being baptized. As a new believer, if you have just made your comment to Jesus being Lord of your life, you would join Crane First by being baptized. Also, if you made a commitment to Jesus in the past but was not baptized you would join by being baptized.

  2. By promise of letter from another Southern Baptist Church. As one that has been a Christian in the past and a member of another Southern Baptist Church, you would join Crane First by allowing us to contact your current church and transfer your membership to Crane First.

  3. By statement. This is when you are a Christian and have been baptized as a beleiver in another church that is not a Southern Baptist Church but a church that holds to the same basic beliefs about salvation and baptism as Crane First. We would talk together about your faith in Jesus and the meaning of your past expereince of baptism.

What a Joy!

I look forward to you walking through the items on this page and then setting a time to meet with me to talk through any questions you might have. During this personal meeting I look forward to having the joy of hearing about when you became a Christian and how God has been working in your life. I look forward to hearing how God is calling you to become a part of the Crane First Family!

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